Your Partner in Parenting
  • Personalized schedules, updated frequently

  • Daily written and verbal communication between parents and teacher

  • Consistent routine to maintain a sense of safety and security

  • Highly experienced teachers

  • Encourage learning through exploration and discovery

  • Talking, reading, singing, and cuddling with infants

  • Activities promoting early childhood development such as tummy time, back time, and leg stretches for muscles strength

  • Safe, soft environment developmentally and age-appropriate

  • Incorporating a wide range of toys and activities, such as dramatic play manipulative, sensory, language arts, and music, to promote individual growth and development

Infant Rooms Characteristics


The infant program at Tomorrow's Child is dedicated to providing your baby with the quality care he/she deserves.

We recognize all infants are unique and have individual needs. Therefore, we work with parents to develop a personalized schedule for each infant. As your baby grows and needs change, we update these schedules as often as necessary. Many of our school-age students have been with us since infancy, largely because of our positive, strong parent/teacher relationships.

Warm, nurturing care and attention are important in meeting infants' needs. In order to provide infants with quality care, Tomorrow's Child strongly believes in maintaining a low teacher/child ratio. In addition to the babies' teacher the director and owner are available to lend a hand when needed.