Frog Room Goals & Milestones

  • Follow simple directions

  • Know own name

  • Feed self/use spoon and cup                                         

  • Sit in a big chair at the table                                           

  • Sit for short story and circle time

  • Recognize and name some shapes and sizes

  • Begin picking up and putting away toys

  • Combine two or more words


As your infant becomes more mobile and steady on his/her feet, he/she will enter into our “Frog” room (Toddler Program).

The Frog room is composed of student’ ages approximately 1 to 2 years. We introduce the structure of our preschool program in this class, modified to students’ age–level and developmental readiness. A consistent, routine schedule allows students to experience a wide range of activities yet feel comfortable and secure in their environment. Additionally, daily written and verbal communication with parents and teachers is an important part of the program.

At this age, children do not maintain interest in activities for an extended length of time. Our program provides students with many different types of learning stations and activities, changing frequently to keep their attention. The toddler program includes a brief circle time, indoor gross motor and outdoor play, and learning stations promoting individual growth and development through dramatic play, transportation, sensory, art, and manipulative toys.

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