The Preschool II Program (Polar Bear classroom) is comprised of students ages 3 ½ to 4 ½ years.

Depending on your child’s birthday, he/she may be in the Polar Bear room for one to two years. In this classroom we begin introducing concepts and skills that will be further developed in the pre-kindergarten program. A few skills we work on are holding a pencil, tracing letters, sensory motor, science, mathematics, language, literacy, and dramatic play. Additionally, we focus on developing self-help skills to foster independence and growth while meeting the Ohio Early Learning Development Standards.              

Preschool II

Polar Bear Goals & Milestones

  • Recognize & begin to write first name

  • Begin tracing and writing letters and numbers using dot to dot

  • Draw circles and squares

  • Use scissors

  • Understand spatial concepts top, bottom, under, over, beside, above

  • Speak in sentences of five to six words

  • Recall part of and simple questions about a story

  • Count to 50

  • Responsibility for actions

  • Cooperate with other children; negotiate solutions to conflict

  • Demonstrate self-control within small and large groups

  • Play organized games

  • Complete a 5 -15 piece puzzle independently

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